About Us

Who is CannaSpace?

CannaSpace is a Canadian online vape store with one goal: sell high quality and affordable vapes that allow you to enjoy your favorite herbsWe are headquartered out of Ontario, Canada which is the heart of legalization. 

Our team is made up of people just like you -- vaping enthusiasts. We have years of experience testing products which has helped us in our search to offer you only the best vaporizers and accessories.

All of the vapes and related products we sell are hand-chosen based on durability, price, convenience, and smoothness. They contain the latest technology to maximize your herb and vaping experience. No more vaping and feeling nothing! 

What can I can buy from you?

Whether you're looking for a convenient vape that no one will know you have or one that can blow clouds larger than life, we have what you need.

CannaSpace sells both portable and desktop vapes from your favorite brands. Herb and concentrate vapes are lightweight and discrete, making them perfect for when you're mobile.They're easy on the throat and boast a long lifespan.

Those looking for larger vapes that can sit on a desk will fall in love with the powerful Volcano's we have for sale. These allow you to enjoy a much longer vaping experience through a vapor bag.

Lastly, you'll find all of the accessories needed to clean your vape, properly prepare herb, and have the most enjoyable vaping session possible.

Why you should shop with us

Fair pricing, amazing customer support, fast and free shipping are our top priorities.

You will get exactly what you see when you order from CannaSpace and our friendly customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have. We will guide you along the entire process from processing to fulfillment. Kick your feet back and relax while your vape arrives!


Founder, Cristhian Solarte