Vaping FAQ

What are vapes?

Vaporizers, or vapes for short, are electronic devices which use heat to release the compounds in herbs versus burning them. This is a much more effective way at experiencing the effects of a chosen herb without inhaling harsh chemicals, burnt paper, and burn plant matter.

Vapes come in a variety of sizes, as well. Some are thin, small, lightweight and in the shape of a pen. These are very convenient to take while on the go and remain as a customer favorite because of how discrete they are.

Other vapes, such as volcanoes, are larger units that you can place on a desk as a bag fills up with vapor. These offer a longer and more relaxing vaporizing experience that can span over a long time period.

Are vapes safe?

Yes, vaporizers are safe. Like most products, it's up to the user to safely prepare and clean their vape to ensure it remains in good condition. Furthermore, vapes are designed to only heat enough to release compounds found in herb and will not burn you. Ensure that you do not touch any components which heat up, however.

Vaporizers are much safer in terms of harshness, as well. This is thanks to the fact you are not inhaling smoke and burnt plant matter, but rather light vapor. You will notice that you don't get a painful feeling on the throat nor cough heavily when using a vape.

Vaping vs smoking

Both vaping and smoking can have detrimental effects on our health, but it's believed that vaping is the better alternative. Once again, this is because you are inhaling a smoother vapor that doesn't contain as many harmful ingredients versus when you smoke with paper, a bong, or other devices.

Pros of vaping

  1. It's safer than smoking: The Royal of Physicians represents over 350,000 doctors worldwide, and concluded that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking. This means you can still enjoy a nice smoking sessions without the main harmful effects.
  2. No odor: Traditional smoking leaves a strong odor that is very hard to get rid of. It clings to clothing, car seats, hair, and even gets into your pores. It's an unattractive scent that other people don't like to be around, either. Vaping gets around this by leaving little to no odor around or on you.
  3. More flavors: There is no shortage of concentrates, herbs, and other products which can be placed into vapes. This means you get more variety in your vaporizing experience and the effects it gives you versus limited options when smoking.
  4. Convenience: No more bringing a lighter with you. No more trying to get rid of nasty odor. Simply load your vape, press the power button, and enjoy! Vaping is much more convenient than smoking in every aspect.
  5. Budget friendly: Once you buy a vape, you may not need another one for years with proper care. They are designed to be durable and long lasting. Additionally, concentrates and herb can last a long time if you use your vaporizer casually.

Cons of vaping

  1. You're still inhaling smoke: It's known fact that inhaling any kind of vapor or smoke isn't good for your lungs on a consistent basis. This is because you're constantly stressing the lungs and putting material in them. You can minimize this con of vaping by simply using the vaporizer less often.
  2. Many options: There are no shortage of vapes and accessories on the market. This can make it overwhelming to decide what to purchase, especially if you're not to vaping.
  3. Uncertain health risks: While vaping has been shown to be better than smoking, the effects are still not entirely understood since it's a newer technology.